This is a huge disappointment for fans of Badr Hari. While we were expecting a win by KO against Rico Verhoeven, the Moroccan kickboxer has lost his fight after an injury.

Badr was apparently touched by his opponent in the second round. After a few seconds of stoppage, the fight resumes but the Moroccan is much less active and decides to stop the game.
It seems that this is due to an arm injury or even a fracture. Anyway, it is a great disappointment for the Moroccan who wanted to stop his career in apotheosis.
Nevertheless, the Moroccans will preserve the image of a champion who has always defended his country and raised the flag of Morocco and this despite some escapades.

On the side of Rico Verhoeven, he felt that this is not really a victory for him and demands that there be a new fight between the two kickboxer. Will Badr Hari accept a final challenge?

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